This is Singularity Software

"Singularity": The state of being singular, distinct, peculiar uncommon or unusual

We are a Swiss company, headquarted in Zurich, that strives to deliver tailor-made, high-quality software.

We're nimble and aim to constantly adapt to support our employees and clients alike.

We aim to overcome obstacles, find solutions and strive to deliver exceptional results. If we say "YES", we get it done!

We work with all stakeholders in a open and collaborative manner. We analyse client's requirements, internal processes and plan for solutions that truly transforms their business.

Our recipe for extraordinary results is:
"Be unique, unusual and peculiar, do something unexpected, be bold, dare and embrace change."

Drawing on over 20 years of experience, we can help any business – large or small - to evolve towards the most current technologies by realizing solutions either inside the organization or through outsourcing.